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Group membership of gang members in Montreal. Source: Martin Bouchard. Work cited from:

Ouellet, M., Bouchard, M., Charette, Y. (2019). One gang dies, another gains? The network dynamics of criminal group persistence. Criminology, 57: 5-33. 


Risk Terrain Modeling maps of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Source: Joel Kaplan. Work from:

toronto 18.jpg

Toronto 18 terrorist network. Source: Martin Bouchard. Work cited from:

Ouellet, M., Bouchard, M. (2018). The 40 Members of the Toronto 18: Group Boundaries and the Analysis of Illicit Networks. Deviant Behavior, 39: 1467-1482.

The Law of Crime Concentration - KOZIARS

Crime concentration in a small Ontario city. Source: Jacek Koziarski. Work cited from:

PhD dissertation.



Source: Alexis Marcoux Rouleau, Universite de Montreal. Work cited from "Beyond Arts & Crafts."


Source: Robert Vargas, UC Berkeley. Work cited from: Wounded City. 2016. Oxford, Eng.: Oxford University Press.

carpio and villareal.JPG

Source: José Luis Carpo and M. Villareal. Work cited from: Legilsation and Environmental Issues in Mexico. In press. Nuevo León, Mexico: Ed. Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo León.