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Setting up an Amazon author page

You've finally got your book out and it's now up on Amazon. Or, maybe you've had two or three out. Other than posting about your magnum opus on social media, what else can you do to make sure your work gets some attention?

Try setting up an Amazon Author page.

Now, I realize that most of us - myself included - have thought those pages were just for bestselling authors like Dan Brown, Ta-Nehisi Coates or Margaret Atwood. They're not. They're for you too. And they provide an easy, accessible way for people to connect to your work. Amazon Author also has marketing tools that allow you to see how well your book is doing*.

Getting started:

1. Surf over to Amazon Author. Mine is at:

2. Join for free

3. Start building your page. I strongly suggest using a photo. People tend to connect more when they can see the author. Also, heavily recommend including a bio.

4. Amazon Author may suggest some books that the site thinks belong to you. If your book title doesn't come up, or there's more of your titles out there than they suggest, then do a search using your name. Click on and manually add each title. Don't be surprised if things don't get added right away. I noticed that it took a minute in some cases for the added titles to show up.

5. I had problems adding one of my books. There's a simple contact form on the site specifically for asking Amazon to add your book for you. I had a response in 12 hours.

6. There are multiple Amazon vendor sites (in my case: Japan, Britain,etc.). Take a look at how your author page looks on those sites.

7. Your page goes live once Amazon has verified your identity. That process takes about 7 days or so. You don't need to do anything (I admit to frantically looking for a verification button, but ... relax ... you don't need to do anything but wait)**.

And ... voila!

*Somewhat depressingly, I discovered that my top selling book is #1,423,443 on the Amazon book list.

**Mine went up in a day!

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